BEST Roulette 안전놀이터 Strategy for EVEN MONEY BETS!

Back with another session using 안전놀이터 Strategy with the modified Star 2.0! Now a lot of you have been asking me about my spreadsheets,   so I went ahead and made it a part of my Youtube memberships.

What you can do is click JOIN and for a slice of pizza you can now support the channel,  watch bonus videos and download my spreadsheets.   When you download the profits and losses tracker with Star 2.

0, all you have to do is click right over here and enter your unit size. You can see that I am using $50 units,   but let’s say your unit size is $10, go ahead and type in 10, hit enter and you can see that the betting progression adjusts according to your unit size.

So for $10 units, your stage 1 would be   2 2 2 4 4 and then your stage two would start right over here with your original unit size of ten dollars. This works with any unit size so if you’re using $25 units, go ahead and enter that in and you can see that the online 안전놀이터 betting progression adjusts once again.

For this session, I’m using   $50 units so I will stick with this progression you guys know how the Star 2.0 works we will follow these bets down until we get a  win once we get a win we will parlay the next bet if we win the parley we will start over if not we will continue moving down the progression.

Alright, so if you want to support the channel click join and become a member.   Okay so we have $2,104 in the balance and while  I find a table, if you guys can do me a favor and   SLAP the LIKE button? Hit subscribe if you haven’t already and turn on the bell! Let’s go! Here we are, I’m using Rafael’s 6  so I’ll start on the left side i always tell you guys it doesn’t matter which side you start on the odds are the same so step number one obviously of the star 2.

0  let’s profit as fast as we can and then exit   the table so i won’t cover the zero with  this bet since it’s only a ten dollar bet   but when the bets get higher if they  do we will go ahead and cover the zero   as a little bit of in insurance okay  so i’m looking for a low number here 28 so that is a loss okay we’re gonna move down the progression  another ten dollar 안전놀이터 bet i’ll move it over 35 not an even number so another loss still on  ten dollar bets i’m going to move my bet over   still looking for our first  win here back to back losses red number red number come on okay number  seven plus ten i’m going to go ahead and parlay   the next bet we can start a new  sequence from the right side okay whenever i hit on a sequence i like to  start over from the opposite side and i’m gonna   go ahead and cover the zero this time it comes  when you least expect it kind of annoying but   hey a little bit of insurance so looking  to hit this parlayed bet here high number and 34 perfect plus 20.

all right we only made 10 dollars with that sequence but its okay profit is profit I’m going to start from the opposite side since we hit right away and we can clear the spreadsheet here and what that does is lock in profits already made that’s what I like to do personally that’s why I clear the spreadsheet once I make profit low number very nice plus 10.

I’m gonna go ahead and parlay start a new sequence we’re gonna cover the zero okay high number no number four minus 20 so let’s keep moving down the progression another 10 bet we’ll move it over to odd now some of you will say for example we hit on the 10   bet here you wouldn’t parlay the bet i know some of you message me and tell me this it’s personal preference okay you can decide to place another 10 bet and not parlay it if you’re in profit already or you can choose to go for the parlay and increase your profits either option works it depends on what type of player you are okay but I’m going to go ahead and parlay for this session looking for an odd number here   11 very nice plus 10.

okay let’s start a new sequence from the other side I’m gonna cover the zero as well step two of the star looking for a low number here give us a low number two very nice beautiful another parlay we made 20 bucks for that session not bad let’s move it over to the other side we won’t cover the zero this time and we’re gonna clear the spreadsheet once again so ten dollars with our first sequence and twenty dollars with this sequence so thirty dollars locked in as we clear our spreadsheet and keep going here number 30.

you see what I mean so some people will just place another 10 bets since they won on the first bet step number one but i’m gonna go ahead and parlay i mentioned this earlier right you can only do this on step number one if you choose to be super conservative okay but I like to go ahead and parlay either way since we are on stage one so the 50  unit size is broken down anyway by five so give us a low number here give us a low number 10 very nice okay we’re heating thirty dollars added to the profit so sixty dollars up now I’m gonna clear and okay we’re gonna start from the right side let’s go hopefully we stay on fire we want to profit as quick as we can right we started with 2104.

so we are at 2152 right now wow wow yes let’s keep it going ten dollars up I’m gonna parlay from the other side all right I’ll move this over let’s keep the streak going come on we have not gotten past step number three let’s not jinx it though it’s bound to happen winning streaks don’t last forever as you all know let’s try to hit a low number here come on low number ooh number 30.

so we lose the parlay step number two I’m gonna move it over to even and we don’t need to cover the zero for this bet number four perfect we’re still not out of the hole though we need to hit the parlay on the other side most of you get on me if I don’t cover the zero so that is why I’m doing it most of the time on a 20 bet or higher and number two not what we’re looking for so another loss on the parlay let’s keep moving down step three of the star I’m gonna move it over to odd 24 so another loss minus 10.

we are now on step number four for the first time this session can move this over so it’s a 20 bet now i will cover the zero step number four still on stage one though looking for back-to-back wins number three so we miss minus 20.

last bet on  stage one okay i’m gonna move it over so if   we don’t hit here obviously we’re going to stage  two with our original unit size of fifty dollars okay 25 so we hit there but we’re not  out of the clear yet i’m gonna parlay   starting from the other side here and we’re gonna go ahead and cover the zero  obviously since the 안전놀이터 bets are getting a little   higher if we win this we don’t need to go to stage  two we can start over so i’m looking for a low   number here new sequence give us a low number  and then we can lock in some more profits here low number low number 15 beautiful very  nice so let’s see how much we locked up   ten dollars it’s better than being down though you  know okay i’m going to start a new sequence from   the other side we can clear the spreadsheet so i  believe that’s seventy dollars locked up already   let’s keep going here looking for a little  bit more profit before we end the session okay number two nope gonna move it over to odd number sixteen another loss another ten dollar bet i’m gonna  move it one to the left here okay number 11 so plus ten   start a new sequence from the other  side parlaying so twenty on a low number step three of the star 2.

0 you make the  least amount of profit but as mentioned   profit is profit it’s better than losing 23. that is a miss i’m gonna move it over to even we are at  the 20 level so i’ll just move this over seventeen another miss minus twenty so step five once again another twenty dollar bet  let’s move it over to red and we have not needed to go to stage two during  the session yet so let’s see if that continues number seven so we do hit on a red number  which means we can go ahead and parlay   starting a new sequence from this side okay so looking for a high number here  or else we’re gonna have to go to stage   two for the first time today this  would be another ten dollar profit so looking for a high number  give us a high number here   oh 15 okay stage two here we come fifty  dollars i’m going to move it over to odd now when we get to these higher bet amounts these  tiny bets that we place on the zeros do eat up   a little bit into our profits but hey that’s  okay because they do add up right so i’m   looking for an odd number here stage 2  star 2.

0 looking for back-to-back wins so we do hit on the odd number plus 50.   we’re going to start a new sequence from the opposite side here once we hit on a low number here we can start over not out of the hole yet we have to complete this sequence 100 on low and number nine again wow very nice perfect plus a  hundred and check it out once you get deeper into the star 2.

0 check out your profits of eighty dollars with that sequence and my balance is two thousand three hundred and forty-two dollars we started with a little over twenty-one hundred so two hundred and forty dollars in profit is not too bad I’ll take it I’m gonna go ahead and exit the table There it is ladies and gentlemen  $2,247 in the balance.

. I believe they made a mistake during that last win my balance wasn’t as high as I thought it was so they adjusted it I knew something was up my balance was a little too high I got too excited there but uh this is the correct balance as mentioned we started with a little over $2100   so this is close to $150 in profit, still really good.

That was Rafael’s six, you can see that it’s so good.. my favorite roulette strategy for even chance 안전놀이터 baccarat bets, and combining it with the modified Star 2.0 ridiculous 1-2 combo!  So if you enjoyed the video, go ahead and destroy the like button! Hit subscribe! Turn on the bell.

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