BEST 10 Keyword research by SEO전문업체

Keyword competitiveness research by SEO전문업체


How long does it take to be exposed to page 1?
We don’t know exactly what Google’s algorithm is and we’re not Google, so we can’t be sure it’s going up in exactly a few moments.
If anyone talks about the exact date with Google SEO 전문업체, I think that’s what it is.
However, from experience, you can estimate the difficulty and timing of the balance.

  1. Google Keyword Planner
    When you search for the keyword you want in Google Keyword Planner, the result is a “competition” number. Because it is labeled as high and low and refers to the competition rate of keyword auctions for PPC paid ads, keywords that are in high demand of keywords can be judged to be highly competitive.
  2. Google Search Results (1,000,000 or less)
    The second way to research keyword competitiveness is to search for keywords on Google. You can see that the search results are numerical when you search.
    In the screenshot below, the search results are 49,000. Experience shows that if your keywords have fewer than 1,000,000 search results, we believe that the competition level is low because we believe there are fewer competing websites.
    However, there are fewer competing websites, and SEO is not easy. This is because SEO업체 서비스 operations on websites ranked on the first page may have a high level of SEO.
  3. Backlink research of competing websites
    The third way to investigate the competitiveness level is to investigate the amount and quality of backlinks on the websites on the first page of keyword search results.
    If you don’t have enough and quality of backlinks for competing websites, you can do more backlinks than competing websites.


I usually use it for 구글 SEO업체 in English, but I don’t support Hangul yet, so it may not be helpful for those working with HangulSEO, but I’ll introduce you to one very helpful tool.

Keywords Everywhere chrome extension tool (English Keyword Research)

You can install Google Chrome or Firefox Extensions by going to the website. When you install ChromeXension, you can check the extension called K in the upper right corner of the web browser.
When you visit websites such as Google, Amazon, and eBay with extensions installed, you can see how many keywords you’ve searched for, CPC, and competitiveness under the search bar.
Please note that Hangul is not yet supported, only English is supported and is now a paid tool.

Keywords to avoid
Any keyword first place?
If you look at the SEO업체 technology methods we’ve learned, you’ll have questions about which keywords can be number one with search results.
If you’re constantly working on SEO, you’ll be up one day.
However, there are three domains/keywords that I would not be reluctant to start SEO work or avoid.

Google’s Special treatment Domains

Google’s mission is to introduce websites with the most accurate information possible, and there are some websites that can never be beat by your website information.
For example, if anyone searching for “Coronavirus,” “KST,” “3×3,” or “jesus In English” should show results that are not opinions, it will be impossible to do first place no matter how SEO 토모다찌 you work.
If you work hard, you can move up to page 1, but it won’t be helpful to try it because only the first result will be checked by people.

Brand domain

No matter how hard I work on SEO, it will be impossible to win over the competition for websites of brands already known to people such as “Google”, “Nike”, “Naver”, etc.
Even if your brand website is insolvent, it’s a good idea to give up if you have a lot of visitors or keywords with brands that many people know.

Over-the-wall SEO domain

It can take too long if we’ve been working on SEO전문업체 in the way we’ve learned, and we’ve been working on it for a long time and it’s been a lot of backlinking.
In this case, you should expect and approach working on longtail keywords that are easier to work with than giving up.

Inverse analysis

If you are a beginner and are wondering how to create SEO-friendly content, this technique may not apply immediately. Well, there is no rocket science. It’s all about analyzing who or how your competitors are approaching their target audience. This is very important because it tells you your strengths and weaknesses areas.

You can learn from the former, but use the latter to your advantage. Ubersuggest is one of the best tools for this job. It shows an overview of your website’s domain, its top SEO pages, keyword suggestions, content ideas, and backlink data. You can put your competitor’s domain here for better keyword ideas.

Appropriate keywords

Keywords are at the heart of any content. If you don’t map the right keywords, your website has the most potential to blur. So, before you start writing content, you need to decide which keywords will help you rank high.

Some of the best tools for this include Soovle, Keyword Planner, Jaaxy, Google Search Console, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, SEOCockpit, and more. Deciding on the right keywords can quickly rank you high compared to your competitors of SEO전문업체.